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Posted On: Sep 27, 2014

We just posted this on the Glocktalk forum :

Some new guy from TALO Distributors Inc
Thanks jrs93accord for your post

When these beauties are sold the total donated to NSF will be $100k.TALO will donate a total of almost $50k to Semper Fi Fund from some special edition Colts. TALO dealers and collectors have already donated close to $800K to USA Shooting Team from Ruger MKII , MKIII, and 10/22's. Ruger's help has been invaluable and we are very proud to have a hand in doing some good while we commission some guns we think are interesting. Hopefully over the years they will prove to be a good store for the collectors investment.

In the case of the SR1911, Ruger's president at the time ( Navy Academy Grad) allowed us to work on the SR1911 when they did not have enough standard product to supply their customers. This helped to sell the gun and insure the donation.

TALO is now working on a MKIII to help with the Road to Rio ( 2016 Olympics) Ruger doesn't need help selling MKIII's. They allow us to embellish some knowing that the demand will help make our efforts successful. TALO distributors and dealers don't work for nothing ( there is a margin built into the projects) It is good business to do some good.

So, that's my wordy introduction to the forum. We don't expect everyone to love what we do. And after 30+ years in the biz we have developed a fairly thick skin. We have learned a lot from the 1911 forums and intend to do more listening than posting.
Thanks for the opportunity.

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