Some new editions are brewing

Posted On: Jul 31, 2017

About 120 Ruger Naval Warfare 9mm 1911 shipped this week to wholesalers

There are some new Colt O4540XSE that are shipping this week. It is a very interesting Series 70 Commander, in 38 Super, with the Army Green anodized lightweight frame, Carbon slide and the black hex Colt logo grips. well priced. The label will say "One of 600" but so far only 300 have been made.

No photo as of yet but I think they are shipping to wholesalers today.r

A limited edition (1 of 300) Aztec Jaguar Warrior in .38 Super is in the works

The Aztecs regarded the jaguar as the bravest of beasts, and the proud ‘ruler of the animal world’. The Jaguar wasa favourite symbol in Aztec representations of war. In Aztec mythology and astrology, the jaguar also played an important role. Aztec kings, like their Classic Maya predecessors, used the jaguar to enhance their social status. As the jaguar was lord of animals, so an Aztec emperor was ruler of men. Aztec emperors wore jaguar clothing into battle, and sat in judgement on a throne . Jaguar Warriors were members of the elite Aztec military special forces