TALO Commissioned Colt Python Auction

Posted On: Mar 02, 2023

The Colt Snake Pit is a one-of-a-kind hand-engraved trio of iconic revolvers, The Colt Python, Anaconda, and King Cobra, engraved by Master Engraver Wade Wilson for TALO Distributors Inc.

Proceeds to help fund Firearm Engraver's Guild's annual John K. Barraclough Emerging Artist Award www.fega.com

The Colt Snake Pit came together after seeing Wade Wilson's work on a Colt Cobra at the 2020 Firearms Engraver's Guild Association meeting in Las Vegas.

Two years following that show, Wade attained his Master Engraving status. The Colt factory sent him three guns at the direction of Bob Coyle, TALO's then Executive Director. After several emails and many months later, the final result is a beautifully engraved, one-of-a-kind trio. Each gun comes with a hand-signed COA from both the engraver and TALO's Exec Director.

Please visit link below for more information and to bid!

THE SNAKE PIT by TALO Colt Python HAND ENGRAVED by Wade Wilson 6" .357 MAG Only 1 Set of 3 Ever Made! ANACONDA & KING COBRA