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TALO Introduced G45 with Aimpoint Acro

Posted On: Feb 14, 2024

TALO Distributors, Inc. and its member distributors are proud to announce the introduction of the Glock G45 MOS with a factory installed Aimpoint Acro P-2. Pairing a popular pistol with a popular optic and providing value to our customers makes this an exciting new introduction to the market.

This proven G45 MOS includes a few upgrades from the Glock factory. First and foremost, the Acro P-2 red dot reflex sight includes a 3.5 MOA red dot and 50k hours of continuous operation. The slide is direct cut for this optic requiring no plates and is installed at the factory. Also included and installed are Ameriglo non-tritium suppressor height sights for co-witnessing with the optic.

Item numbers PA455S303MOS7A1 (UPC 764503059087, 17 round magazines) and PA455S301MOS7A1 (UPC 764503059070, 10 round magazines) are now available in the market and ready to order from a TALO member distributor. Production and availability is limited with product arriving to our member distributors over the next several weeks.

TALO is a wholesale buying group that works with premier vendors in the industry to create products and programs for sale to their dealer customer base. TALO programs and special editions have raised over a million dollars for non-profits like USA Shooting Team, Semper Fi, Navy SEAL Foundation, Navy SEAL Museum, Mule Deer Foundation and Marine Raiders.

The wholesaler members of TALO include Camfour, Davidson’s, Gunarama, Iron Valley Supply, Lipsey’s, RSR, V.F. Grace, and Zanders. For more information, please visit www.taloinc.com.