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What's going on?

Posted On: Feb 15, 2015

It's been some time since we last worked on the site. There is still a large amount of info that needs to be updated. We'll stay at it. At the same time, we need to talk about what is in the works or being kicked around. The good news is that the factories these days are more receptive to good ideas.

The Navy Seals Foundation Commanders are all but done. We sent our second check for $50k to the Foundation. The last 50 Brian Powley Colts are almost finished. There is a new Colt being sent to the photographers this week. The Henry Monument Valley rifle should start to ship this week. Ruger has shipped all but about 300 of the American Farmer Tribute 10/22. Demand has been very strong. (thank you) About 400 Gators have been shipped. We may change the Gator at some point just to keep things interesting. We have a couple of good drawings for the third Americana 10/22. The whole concept has been well received. Would the collector world object if we made a 4th edition. We would continue to limit it to 3300 units but the ideas are around and we get some great emails from folks that like those that Ruger has made so far. We hear of people buying 3 gun racks to display them. What about a 4 gun rack? or 5?

There are a number of new Ruger's in the works. A new S&W.