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Wiley Clapp Concealed Carry Officer's ( CCO)

Posted On: Oct 04, 2014

About 500 have shipped to wholesalers in the last 2 weeks. I know of two wholesalers who still have a few in inventory if someone want to have their dealer call them

The Colt Wiley Clapp CCO is a special combination of Officers size fame and Commander slide slide for easy concealed carry. The value of the pistol lies in the details specified by Wiley from his life long firearm experience. The goal is to produce the most accurate and reliable carry gun out to the box. “Everything you need and nothing you don’t.” Colt O9840WC

  1. Carbon Blue Steel Commander sized Series 70 fire controls, Blue Aluminum Officers Lightweight Frame, rear slide serrations
  2. Special metal work by Pete Single. Front strap is checkered @ 25 lpi with a generous relief cut where the front strap meets the trigger guard (hi-cut to the max) so the pistol sits low in the hand. Average size hands should be able to get whole hand on the grip without the little finger hanging off the bottom. The relief cut blends gracefully from the checkering to the trigger guard. The heal of the frame and mainspring is generously rounded for comfort of concealed carry and shooting. The fit is very good. The magazine well is also fully beveled 360 degrees around with a long gentle taper.
  3. 4.25 inch National Match barrel
  4. Novak extra wide (.170) notch, LoMount rear sight
  5. Novak Brass bead front sight.
  6. Altamont “finger print” Tactical Oval grips, round butt (altered for the short butt)
  7. Controls---Mag catch, safety, beavertail---as on other Wiley Clapp 1911s
  8. Original long trigger, no holes
  9. Right side of slide unmarked. Left side same as O4840
  10. Special serial # run: “0001WCC