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Aztec Jaguar O2091AJW 1 of 300

Caliber: 38 Super Auto
Item #: O2091AJW

The Aztecs regarded the jaguar as the bravest of beasts, and the proud ‘ruler of the animal world’. The Jaguar was a favorite symbol in Aztec representations of war. In Aztec mythology and astrology, the jaguar also played an important role. Aztec kings, like their Classic Maya predecessors, used the jaguar to enhance their social status. As the jaguar was lord of animals, so an Aztec emperor was ruler of men. Aztec emperors wore jaguar clothing into battle, and sat in judgement on a throne . Jaguar Warriors were members of the elite Aztec military special forces

Our limited edition Colt is a full sized stainless government in .38 super caliber. The slide is first polished and then deeply embellished with Aztec themes of jaguar, rulers and high priests. The left rear slide panel features a gold rampant Colt

The grey pearlite grips pick up the Aztec theme along with a gold rampant Colt medallion. The Jaguar pistols have special factory issued serial numbers AJW001-AJW300

First 20 serial numbers had the fame and other parts bright polished and were tagged De Primera Calidad with a label on the box

Produced Sept 2017