Production Ended

Colt Aztec Jaguar Azul .38 Super Limited Edition

Caliber: 38 Super Auto
Barrel Length: 5"
Item #: O2991Z

Aztec kings, like their Classic Maya predecessors, used the jaguar to enhance their social status. As the jaguar was lord of animals, so an Aztec emperor was ruler of men. Aztec emperors wore jaguar clothing into battle, and sat in judgement on a throne . Jaguar Warriors were members of the elite Aztec military special forces

One of 300 Model O2991Z Custom .38 Super 5 inch Government

The Colt is a full sized ,carbon government in .38 Super caliber. The slide is polished and deep relief embellished with ancient Aztec Jaguar Warrior themes.

Select elements of the design are further defined by 24kt gold plating

The rear panels features a gold rampant Colt

Factory serial numbers range from REE001- REE300

The grips are a unique white pearlite reflecting the Aztec themes with gold hex screws and gold rampant colt.

There will be a special 1 of 20 issue


Special features:

High polish and Royal Blue frame and slide

Bight polish extractor, frame tube, mag release lock, spring cap, grip safety, pins (3)

Bight polish and 24 kt gold plate hammer, slide stop, thumb safety, barrel bushing, mag release.

1st 20 serial numbers. Special box label

Production Date 4/23/19