Production Ended

Colt Competition ELW 1 of 500 O1970CCS-ELW

Caliber: 45 Auto
Barrel Length: 5"
Item #: O1970CCS-ELW

Our Colt special edition is a tribute to the contributions made by Eli Whitney in the evolution of modern firearm production. While best known for the invention of the cotton gin, In 1798 , Whitney built a factory for mass producing muskets for the US Army from interchangeable parts. Sam Colt later collaborated with Eli Whitney Jr. to successfully integrate the assembly line and interchangeable parts into what became Colt’s Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company in Hartford,CT. Flash forward 150 plus years to the refinements and precision we enjoy today from Colt in our ELW.

Pete Single’s ( ) work today reflects the the current state of the art in precision firearms CNC metalwork. Before his joining Colt / TALO projects Pete Single’s work was only been available through high end gunsmiths.

Pete’s ELW custom metalwork includes the following:

  1. The slide features a HP style cut
  2. The slide top is serrated at 30 lines per inch following the top contour of the slide, ending in an arrow pattern at the front sight

3. The front strap is high cut under the trigger guard for the highest possible grip and precisely checkered 25 or 30 lines per inch

4. The mag-well is completely beveled 360 degrees around5.

5. Top edge of the slide stop is chamfered

6. The barrel features a precision recessed target crowned

The ELW includes the exceptional features of Colt’s Competition series : a full size, blue carbon steel frame, upswept beavertail grip safety, dual recoil spring system, National Match® Barrel and Novak adjustable fiber optic sights, The Colt factory serial numbers are unique - ELW001-ELW-500. Our slide flats are polished and inscribed with a distinct custom roll mark and a rampant Colt logo on the rear quarter panel. The right side slide is marked Competition Model . The barrel is polished at the breach end and at the crown.

ELW grips are VZ G-10 Proprietary Disruptive Hyena Burl with a unique “Super Scoop” The new 'Super Scoop' blends smoothly with the grip and gives extra thumb relief for easy access to the mag release button for fast mag changes. The grip is textured in VZ's most popular 'Operator II' pattern providing a secure grip without being overly aggressive.

2022 Release