Colt Delta Elite Hammer of Thor 1911

Caliber: 10mm Auto
Capacity 8+1
Barrel Length: 5"
UPC #: 098289112965
Item #: O2020XE-THR

Colt Hammer of Thor

Behold the hammer of Thor: a one of 500 limited edition Colt Delta Elite celebrating Thor and his hammer. Right side imagery includes Ratatoskr, the world tree, the Bifrost, Asgard, and the serpent Jörmungandr. The left side includes the legendary Mjölnir, made of an eagle to symbolize strength and freedom along with twin rams embodying power and leadership. The custom grips are adorned with the Vegvisir – an ancient Norse compass guiding the adventurous at heart. Intertwined with intricate Nordic scrollwork, these grips evoke the spirit of exploration and honor the culture that birthed legends.


Item number O2020XE-THR

Colt Delta Elite 10mm 1911 with 5" barrel

THR serial number prefix denoting Thor, the god of thunder

Stainless steel finish, high coverage engraving includes multiple scenes from Norse mythology

Custom white krinite grips featuring the Vegvisir with Nordic scroll design