Production Ended

Colt Mexican Heritage Silver Edition

Caliber: 38 Super Auto
Item #: CLTO2991MHE

The Aztecs were the last of the major nomadic groups which migrated into the central Anahuac Valley and established the great city-state of Texcoco, a center of learning and culture.


Bright polished ,full size government frame, slide and hardware Silver plated slide, slide release, safety, mag release and barrel bushing

  • Engraved slide with Aztec art and ancient mythological symbols
  • Jeweled grip safety, barrel and hammer
  • Unique black pearlite grips with Silver Rampant Colt medallion
  • Descriptive label and card in Colt Custom shop box
Editions 1 of 400
Special factory serial numbers MHE001-MHE400
shipped June 1st 2016