Production Ended

Colt O1070DRE Riccardo Edition One of 400

Caliber: 45 Auto
Item #: O1070DRE

A Full Size Government Series 70 Stainless .45

Dave Riccardo engraving design, elaborate deep etched, gold filled scroll

Special Riccardo designed etched grips, gold grip screws, gold front sight

TALO Distributors commissioned David Riccardo to design his vision of a distinctive 1911. Baron Technology then faithfully reproduced it on the Colt. The resulting pistol is a unique and striking example of David’s artistry.

This is what Roger Bleile author of American Engravers writes this about Mr. Riccardo:

More than a “master engraver,” David is an artist who uses the skills of a master engraver to execute his artistic visions on a variety of media, from guns and knives to jewelry and the copper plates he uses to produce fine art prints.While skilled in all of the traditional forms of ornamental engraving, from acanthus leaf to English rose & scroll, sculpted relief and gold inlay, David has developed some very unique ornamental themes that can be immediately identified as his work. In conclusion, David Riccardo is an American engraving artist who can stand proudly alongside the world’s elite engravers.

Special Serial number DRE001-DRE400
Package Colt Custom Shop box