Production Ended

Glock EXO Project

Caliber: 9mm Luger
Item #: GL17EXO, GL19EXO

TALO is producing a number of Glock models with Fail Zero coated slides & barrels coated.

About EXO Technology

EXO Technology is a patented, nickel-boron coating from UCT Coatings, Inc. EXO Technology provides a hard, durable surface (40% harder than Chrome) and permanent lubricity to metal substrates, allowing firearms to operate without oil or grease. EXO coated components last longer, clean up easier, and require minimal maintenance, while increasing reliability in harsh environments (sand/dust, hot/cold, suppressed fire, frangible ammunition).

Certain models also feature Ameriglo night sights. Program began shipping December 2010 and will continue in 2011. The number & models of Glocks has not been finalized