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O1070A1LDN Colt Nimschke Engraver's Edition

Caliber: 45 Auto
Item #: O1070A1LDN

The design of our modern Nimschke series 70 Colt .45 incorporates some of his favorite themes and patterns using interwoven scrolls and symmetry covering the complete slide and echoed further on the frame and again on the custom hardwood grips. Like many of his elaborately decorated work, the artist’s initials can be found on the slide top just forward of the rear sight.

Colt Part number O1070A1LDN Full Size Government Series 70 Stainless Steel .45 cal

The slide is brush finished and deep laser engraved on 2 sides and top with distinctive Nimschke patterns. Both the slide top and the rear pannel have selective gold plate. Rear pannels feature a 24kt gold Rampant Colt on one side and scroll on the other. The frame is brush finished and deep laser engraved on both sides Barrel bushing, thumb safety, hammer, slide stop, mag release are brush polished Unique hardwood grips feature Nimschke pattern, a gold Rampant Colt medallion and polished gold grip screws

Custom shop box, Special label and insert

Editions 1 of 300
Factory serial numbers LDN001-LDN-300