Production Ended

Ruger Ultra-Light Whitetail Classic

Caliber: 7mm-08 Rem

Ruger M77 Mark II Ultra Light rifles offer the ultimate combination of reduced weight in a full-sized rifle. Ultra Light rifles feature reduced contour stocks and barrels to save weight without compromising performance. In general, Ultra Light rifles are one-half to three-quarters of a pound lighter than equivalent standard models. Only 500 of these were made. They come in 7mm-08 with a Target Grey synthetic stock. (These were not cheap rifles due to the factory’s increase in the cost of Target grey finish and the fancy Baron floor-plate. They were unique. Especially popular with southeastern hunters, this was a Dixie Shooters project that was shared with some other TALO members, and with Dixie’s untimely demise, CDNN bought the balance of these guns.)