Production Ended

Turnbull Super Blackhawk .44mag 1 of 1000 # 0819

Caliber: 44 Rem Mag
Item #: 0819

Produced in the first part of 2017, this edition was the result of a good bit of work to allow for the frames to be shipped to Turnbull and back and have the guns final assembly @ Ruger in Newport, NH. We believe Turnbull does some of the finest color case finishing available. It is more expensive than some but we believe this classic edition deserves it.

The TALO Super Blackhawk is offered with Turnbull Resotration Co.'s renowned color case hardening process. The process is the same as was used by firearm manufacturers in the late 1800's, using the traditional bone and wood charcoal method, which gives the color case hardening its signature vibrant colors.

Special serial numbers TSB001-TSB1000. special box label

As of this date, it can be ordered by your local dealer . Ask for part # 0819.

Soon to be a special factory collectible