Production Ended

Walther First Edition 4796900

Caliber: 380 Auto
UPC #: 723364211072
Item #: 4796900

To commemorate the return of the PPK family, and the beginning of Walther’s US-based manufacturing,

the PPK/S is featured in an exclusive First Edition Model.

The PPK/S First Edition features a stainless steel finish matched with elegant cocobolo wood grips, and is chambered in .380 ACP. The slide is marked “First Edition” on the right side, under the ejection port.

This special run is limited to the first batch of serial numbers ending in 101–1350.

This First Edition is available exclusively through TALO Distributors, and are a one-time manufacturing run.

Slides made by Walther Germany. Fit & finish from 90 years experience

Over 30 important revisions have been done on the critical parts of this classic firearm to improve it. Precision machined steel parts have replaced MIM in the critical components. Improved tolerances and stability.