Production Ended

Walther PPKS RKE

Caliber: 380 Auto
Item #: 150794

Rudolph Kornbrath was a gifted engraving artist in Hartford, CT. in the 1920’s and 1930’s. He worked on some of the finest Winchester and Colt firearms of the era. Kornbrath’s style was unusual, less traditional than many of his contemporaries. In his book, Fine Colts, Larry Wilson devotes chapter XI to Kornbarth’s art.

This special edition intends to honor Kornbrath’s work on a modern Walther PPKS

Contemporary master engraver, Ben Lane, from Estes Park, CO. was inspired in his career by Kornbrath’s engraving. Ben created a beautiful Colt .45 for Colt Collector’s Association show auction in 1998. TALO asked Ben to hand draw an engraving for our gun in the Kornbrath tradition. We took his drawing to Baron Technology to be replicated on the Stainless PPKS. Inside the intricate design on the right in very small initials is ; “RK by BL” ( Rudolph Kornbrath by Ben Lane)

TALO commissioned Walther to build 400 Model PPKS in stainless with special serial numbers; RKE001 through RKE400.

The slide also features a gold RKE and fancy checkered Walther marked hardwood grips plus the initials RK.

TALO produced a similar limited Colt RKE edition .

Editions 1 of 400