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May 21st, 2012

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In spite of the spike in demand for firearms TALO has had a great year.

Colt O1070DRE  David Riccardo designed engraving  1 of 400

Colt O1070DRE David Riccardo designed engraving 1 of 400

This Colt rifle is just coming out. Very cool green glossy anodized receiver

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Ruger Cattle Drive 10/22

March 26th, 2012

Cattle Drive

We intend to use what we have learned with the BSA 10/22 to celebrate important events in America history.

We apologize for the sorry state of the website. We will upgrade & update soon.

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New Glock Ameriglo

February 2nd, 2012

Priced right, designed with Dave Spaulding & Ameriglo. They just started shipping.

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Shipping this week to dealers

Shipping this week to dealers

2 new Colt Rifles

December 5th, 2011

Colt Special Edition Rifle  LT6720-R

Light Weight, 16 inch pencil barrel 1/7 twist, chrome lined,low pro gas block, Black Magpul MOE Superstock, Black MOE Pistol Grip, 10 inch  Freefloating Troy Rail, MBUS Rear (gen2) MBUS front

One of 1500

Part# LT6720-R

What’s new?

November 15th, 2011

Here’s a description of what Pete Single did to Wiley Clapp Colt Commander #1000

Custom Work performed on Serial # 1000WCA

USA Shooting Auction Gun SHOT Show 2012

USA Shooting Auction Gun SHOT Show 2012

Genuine ‘NOVAK’ LoMount sights with 14 KT Gold Bead

The front sight blade is ramped forward and serrated 50 LPI to reduce glare and “pinned” to prevent movement under recoil. Rear sight notch cut .160 wide for fast front blade pick-up. Top of the slide is serrated 30 LPI around the top radius contour of the slide.

Genuine Burly Maple Grips, design by Wiley Clapp

Stunning custom hand made maple grips: Courtesy of Altamont Company. Grip screws, lathe-spun and polished.

USA Shooting Team

Logo engraving and slide polishing: by BARON Technology’s of Connecticut.

Precision Metal Checkering by Pete Single

Frontstrap checkered 25 lines per inch. Trigger guard radius is relieved for the highest possible hold, allowing the pistol to sit low in the hand for improved point ability and recoil control.

DLC Coating, from ION BOND Inc.

Tungsten DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) is an extremely thin, ultra-hard coating that is used widely in industry for high wear-resistance on gears, cutting tools, and injection molds. DLC is applied through a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process and is characterized by the creation of a metal vapor that can be reacted with different gases to form a thin film coating. DLC coating lends itself very well to the firearms industry for many reasons: it is charcoal black, ultra-thin, high wear-resistant (hard as man-made diamond); and it is applied at low temperatures that will not affect the temper of the steel.

COLT National Match Barrel

The barrel is precisely fit to the slide with no excessive movement when locked into battery, final chamber dimensions are finish-cut by hand to the optimum size for reliable function and accuracy, the chamber mouth is carefully throated and polished for reliable feeding, the barrel tube is gently tapered to the muzzle to prevent binding during cycling.

Match Grade Barrel Bushing

The slide bore is honed so it is concentric and free of tool marks. The barrel bushing is precisely fit to the slide for a precision “slip fit” so no bushing wrench is needed for removal. The keyway in the slide is relieved so the key is only snug when in the locked into battery position and permits easy removal. Custom recessed barrel crown, cut flush with the barrel bushing.

Light Weight Beavertail Grip Safety

The grip safety is a metal injection molded model and is hollowed internally for the lightest possible weight. It is contoured for the highest possible grip, and mates with the matching “hi-cut” frontstrap/trigger guard cut allowing the pistol to sit low and level in the hand for less muzzle flip and better recoil control. The internal safety tab is modified so the grip safety can be easy removed and assembled without removal of the mainspring housing. The memory pad is serrated at 22 1/2 LPI.

Custom Mainspring Housing

The mainspring housing is machined from gun-barrel quality stainless steel. It is made oversize to fit the frame recess perfectly. Extra material is left on the mainspring housing so the frame web can be removed and the mag-well can be fully beveled back to the mainspring-housing pin. This gives the largest mag-well opening possible for smooth magazine insertions.

Checkered 25 LPI and serrated at the heel. The heel of the mainspring housing & frame is generously rounded for snag-free concealed carry. Excess material has been milled from non-critical areas to reduce weight.

Tool Steel Light Weight Hammer & Sear Set

The trigger pull weight is set at 4 1/2 pounds with smooth and even trigger travel. The trigger shoe is medium length, solid aluminum and hard coat anodized. Hammer hooks are cut to maximum height to ensure positive secure engagement. Care is taken to ensure the sear engages evenly on each hammer hook. Maximum spring tension is applied to the sear for positive safe function. Hammer and sear pins are ground for cylindrical uniformity.

Original WW1-Style Thumb Safety

Ball detents and spring tension is set for smooth, positive ON/OFF click engagement. The thumb safety is fit and adjusted so there is no over travel of the safety when pressing downwards in the “OFF” position.

Front and Rear Cocking Serrations

Classic Colt Gold Cup-style cocking serrations, the leading edges of the slide flats are neatly beveled where they enter the serration to eliminate excessive holster wear.

Custom-made Tool Steel Feed Ramp Insert

This is the heart of the receiver; made from tool steel and heat-treated to increase wear resistance. A setscrew under the slide stop and high strength ‘Loctite’ retains the insert. The ramp is correctly angled and set deep into the receiver for reliable feeding of hollow-point ammunition.

More news…

October 12th, 2011

The Henry Silverado shipped last week.  Reports were that they did not stay in the distributor’s warehouse long

We will ship the first RKE’s this week

Walther PPKS - RKE  Colt O1970A1 RKE  TALO Limited editions

Walther PPKS - RKE Colt O1970A1 RKE TALO Limited editions

Ruger Cerakote 1911  ( just a few)

Cerakote Ruger 1911

Cerakote Ruger 1911

About Ben Lane - from Colt Collector’s Assoc site

September 13th, 2011

The Artisans

Ben G. Lane, Master Engraver
Ben is our engraver of choice for the 201l Kansas City “Trails West” Show Gun. When asked to engrave the “Trails West” show gun he accepted without hesitation. Our decision was to have a historical theme for the 2011 Show Gun. Ben possesses a wealth of western historical knowledge and within a few minutes we had the design we were looking for. Well known in Colt collecting circles, he was selected by the Colt Collectors Association to engrave the 1996 Atlanta and 1998 Denver show guns. He began engraving as a hobby in 1964, and is almost entirely self-taught. Over the years, he has expressed a preference for the works of masters Louis D. Nimschke, Cuno Helfricht, and the Ulrich family of engravers. He moved to Estes Park, Colorado in 1983 from his native home Amarillo, Texas. Lane is a Founding Member of the CCA. He is a Master Engraver for Colt firearms and a FEGA Master Engraver. He is also a Charter Member and past president of the Firearms Engravers Guild of America. Ben is also a master grip carver and fitter.

Rudolph Kornbrath Edition Colt O1970A1RKE

September 13th, 2011

Rudolph Kornbrath was a very popular engraving artist in Hartford, CT. in the 1920’s and 1930’s.  He worked on some of the finest Winchester and Colt firearms of the era. Kornbrath’s style was unusual, less traditional than many of his contemporaries. In his book, Fine Colts, R.L. Wilson devotes chapter XI to Kornbarth’s art.

This special edition intends to honor Kornbrath’s work on a modern Colt .45

Contemporary master engraver, Ben Lane, from Estes Park, CO. was inspired in his career by Kornbrath’s engraving.  Ben created a beautiful Colt .45 for Colt Collector’s Association show auction in 1998. TALO asked Ben to hand draw an engraving for our gun in the Kornbrath tradition.  We took his drawing to Baron Technology to be replicated on the Colt  Government. Inside the intricate design on the right  in very small initials is ; “RK by BL” ( Rudolph Kornbrath by Ben Lane)

TALO commissioned Colt to build 300 Model O1970A1, Carbon Steel .45 with special serial numbers; RKE001 through RKE300.  Other enhancements include a nickel barrel bushing and a polished slide stop. Baron bright polished the slide in preparation for the engraving process.

The slide also features a gold Rampant Colt logo and fancy checkered Colt marked hardwood grips plus the initials RK.

TALO produced a similar limited Walther PPKS RKE edition .

Thank you to Colt, Ben Lane, R.L. Wilson, Dave Baron for your help.

One of 300  Part # O1970A1RKE

Colt Rudolph Kornbrath Edition O1970A1RKE  1 of 300

Colt Rudolph Kornbrath Edition O1970A1RKE 1 of 300

It’s being finished right now. Shipment begins 10 days.

Ruger 1022 Classic V Black Walnut

September 1st, 2011

We are putting the final touches on a nice new gun in the Classic series. Sharp Black Walnut stock, unusual checkering stainless action.

New M&P coming from S&W/TALO

Several new Mossberg’s

Colt & Walther RKE designs set & running.

Sorry for the silence.

August 30th, 2011

We have been busy.