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TALO’s Colt Night Defender in Combat Handguns article

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

We were pleased to see TALO’s Night Defender in a Combat Hanguns Magazine article By Charlie Cutshaw.  Thank you for that fine article Charlie.  He ends the article by saying he liked the gun well enough to buy it and carry it every day. Wow. That’s a recommendation! A number of folks are looking for the gun on the site and not finding it. We apologize. The site needs a lot of work.  We’ll try to get it up to date.

About 800 Night Defenders have been shipped.  There are a few more planned for December.

About 200 more Ghost Commanders ship next week.

We have a limited variation on the Colt 1970MA that will ship soon. It sports a knockout new grip.

There is other news regarding a TALO alliance with Wiley Clapp and some very cool performance based guns in the works.  Look for TALO’s first Wiley enhanced gun to be a Colt!  Perhaps a SHOT show peak at that colaberation.

Plenty of other stuff in the works. I am trying to do a mass mailing with some special offers or info to those folks who have bothered to sign up for the mailing list.

TALO really appreciates your input.